Wish Selects Playvox for Quality Assurance -- 800+ Agent Deployment

Customer Updates
Wish, a leading e-commerce platform based in San Francisco, chose Playvox to support their Quality Assurance needs.  Key to the decision to go with Playvox is the complete Agent Optimization Suite on a single platform and Playvox's enterprise scale architecture.  
Wish is deploying Playvox across 800+ service agents. The full suite includes Quality, Performance, Coaching, Learning, and Motivation. As well as enterprise capabilities to manage service agents across multiple BPO vendors in a partition environment.
About Wish:
Wish is putting a digital shopping mall of affordable goods directly in the pockets of consumers worldwide. Wish has more than 80 million monthly active users, over one million merchants, and sells nearly 1 billion products annually.  
About Playvox:
Playvox equips modern businesses with the most comprehensive, collaborative and insightful agent optimization suite of quality assurance, Performance Management, Coaching, Learning and Agent Motivation software. Our automated and centralized solutions integrate with your existing platforms and empower agents, team leaders, QA analysts, and managers with the tools and real-time intelligence needed to improve the customer experience and revenue generation within hours. 
Playvox's Team

Playvox's Team

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