Good for your customers:

  • Affordable, complete quality assurance solution
  • Automate the Quality Assurance process
  • QA expands to full suite of agent optimization applications – performance, coaching, learning, motivation
  • Supports any size service operation: 20 – 1,000s of agents
  • Deploys in hours
  • Aligns with Zendesk service and delivery models

Good for you and Zendesk:

  • QA a ‘must-have’ solution for larger service operations – bundled with Playvox
  • Playvox QA suite has important advantages for your large accounts
  • Enterprise scaleable, flexible suite
  • Small / medium customers move off of spreadsheets for improved QA practices
  • Customers see immediate value with zero friction and implementation requirements
  • Total solution, Zendesk + Playvox, supports net new Zendesk sales opportunities
  • Support, Chat, Sunshine integrations

About Playvox

Playvox arms modern businesses with the most comprehensive, collaborative and insightful agent optimization suite of quality assurance, Performance Management, Coaching, Learning and Agent Motivation software. Our automated and centralized solutions integrate with Zendesk platforms and empower agents, team leaders, QA analysts, and managers with the tools and real-time intelligence needed to improve the customer experience and revenue generation within hours.

At Playvox, we believe great customer experiences start with people.