Learning: Lesson and Quiz Separation

Product Updates

When creating a Course, lessons and quizzes will now be independent of each other.

There is though, one condition: Every Course must, at least, contain one quiz.

With this feature you are going to be able to create as many combinations as you wish, for instance:

  • A course with three Lessons and one final Quiz.
  • A Course with only one Quiz and no Lessons.
  • A Course with a Quiz at the beginning, a couple of Lessons in the middle and a final Quiz.

Simply think of a combination - where there’s always at least 1 quiz, and create it!

And then for each of them you’ll be able to access Sessions Reports, where you’ll find - in real-time - agents’ performance, at Quiz level (this for every Course of the Session).


Playvox's Team

Playvox's Team

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