Freshly scales to a better QA solution

Customer Updates
Freshly, a leading subscription meal service in the United States, has upgraded their Quality Assurance process with Playvox. Before joining our agent optimization suite, Freshly used a different solution for QA which did not match their needs around efficiency, visibility and overall results for QA and CSAT.
Playvox empowers agents with their own dashboards to keep track of progress and areas for improvement, which was a must-have for Freshly and their 200+ agent operation. Furthermore, our complete set of Coaching and Performance applications was a key differentiation between Playvox and their old QA system.     

Playvox Agent Optimization Suite:

Playvox arms modern businesses with the most comprehensive, collaborative and insightful agent optimization suite of quality assurance, performance management, coaching, learning and agent motivation software. Our automated and centralized solutions integrate with Zendesk platforms and empower agents, team leaders, QA analysts, and managers with the tools and real-time intelligence needed to improve the Zendesk customer experience.

At Playvox, we believe great customer experiences start with people.

Playvox's Team

Playvox's Team

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